Copyright... Trademark... Logo... Registration... Why?

I'm in my 40's, and after this many years in the world I've concluded that of the many things I used to believe, some I've even brought in to are in fact pointless to the extreme of being worthless and restrictive to the future of the human race, so why try to restrict the human race by such futile exercises in a attempt to gain financially, it's nothing but a farce that those with money use to steal from those who would benefit.

The World Wide Web, the Internet, books, written text, pictures, knowledge etc, etc should not be restricted. If knowledge is put out there on a public platform such as the Internet, why then confuse matters by claiming a copyright or a trademark or other such restrictive conjecture which is difficult to enforce when there are 7.2Billion people in the world, it's simply a impractical notation isn't it?

I would appreciate that you acknowledge I use the nickname of 'MaffysDad', as such I use that name for my website. I don't own that word, nobody owns any words, but to me they seem to go well together.
I would appreciate you acknowledge I use a little logo of 'MD' in various forms, I don't own the letters or the logo, there are 26 letters in the English alphabet, I decided the mix of these two together make a nice picture.

Finally, in England where I live there are English Laws and other restrictions that dictate to the masses in vast pages of text, written both in English and Latin, of how such Laws must be implemented, and whilst many of these are useful at protecting innocent people from acts against their own person or their own finances and indeed prove vital, the Law's (local and worldwide) regarding the Internet are too vast and inconsistent ruled by too many countries to be worth even trying to comprehend! UK, USA, EU think they rule the world, the web, but no one owns or rules it, and it should never be restricted, as such I will not be following any applicable law in relation to any country just because of where I live.

I try not to offend, if you like my website, it's contents, then brilliant, if you don't, that's up to you. If you feel you should be acknowledge in something that you 'believe you own', then contact me, I'll read your message, I may or may not reply, that will be my choice. I may or may not remove or credit what you believe you own, after all, in programming language there are only so many ways the language can be put together to complete a function, and given how many people use that programming language there is a good bet that your way won't be unique, deal with that fact.

THANKS & CREDIT go out to those people whom I've contacted and have kindly allowed me to link to their sites (or at least not told me I can't) so I can allow them to explain something rather then be nasty and steal it from them. This goes for both the main area of the MaffysDad website and the microprocessor area of the MaffysDad website. Without the kind permission of being and their hard work, designing this website, my job would have been a LOT harder. I'll always acknowledge hard work by someone else on their OWN site.
If I've linked to a site, then you'll know that it's informative, easy to understand, and is in plain English!.


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